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soft eyes

one day you look around and it hits you. it hits you in the way your lungs feel after you take a slow, deep breath of air. in the way the ground feels under your feet when you walk barefoot on freshly cut grass. in the millisecond of time when you lock eyes with a person who makes your heart beat just a little bit faster. it doesn’t have to be so heavy. you can let go. and life is about to get really, really good.


all that's left

life is pushing, pulling, growing, changing, pursuing, questioning, reflecting, withdrawing, building, destroying, learning, and creating. we are thrown into and out of chaos. lessons we thought we learned years ago return to us in unexpected ways. somehow we try to make something beautiful out of the rough edges. after all is said and done, this is All That’s Left.


still a child


When life gives her lemons, Kel Adore creates a zestfully savory concoction. This time, Kel celebrates our inner youthful spirit and optimistic resilience with her single “Still A Child”. She shows that no matter the age, we are still just kids at heart with plenty of growth and learning still to come. 

HA No Rock final_edited.jpg
Happy Again Album Artwork.jpeg

happy again


Satisfy your cravings for an emotionally rich and relatable heartbreak anthem with Kel Adore's single, 'Happy Again'. Her sophomore single is a beautiful mix of mystical melodies and devastating lyrics. It explores the precarious balance between holding on to hope and learning how to let go.

FFTP Album Art Base_edited.jpg

fool for the pain


Her first single, Fool for the Pain, highlights the duality we all face within ourselves when we subject ourselves to things (and people) who do more harm than good. It encourages the listener to think deeply about who they are. To see their spirituality in a different light. To reflect on the worst and the best in themselves. 

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