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Kel Adore radiates a rare authenticity and sheer talent for revealing the deepest parts of human emotion through intimate storytelling and lyricism. Her mission is simple: to uncover truth and help people feel understood. Enticing in delivery and raw in message, the LA-based pop artist & model doesn’t aim to merely entertain, but to feed the soul. 


“I believe music has a special way of connecting us and reminding us of what matters most,” says Kel Adore, “especially when it is vulnerable.” 


Her debut single “Fool For The Pain” combines captivating production with dark lyricism that displays her true songwriting abilities – narrating a story vague enough for listeners to make their own. She celebrates our inner youthful spirit and resilience through her song "Still A Child", which has been featured on Spotify Editorial Playlists including Viral Hits. A true creative will never be held back, and the next chapter of Kel Adore’s story, her first EP "All That's Left" is now available on on platforms.


 Follow along for the latest on Instagram @KelAdoreMusic, TikTok @KelAdore and KelAdoreMusic.

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